School Vision

The School aims to provide its pupils, staff and families with a happy, supportive, secure and positive environment. Our exciting and motivating 21st Century Curriculum promotes high academic standards and encourages a love for learning. It allows our pupils to develop into inspired, independent children WHO can achieve their full potential and become respected global citizens. 


School Ethos

Our School provides challenging and diverse learning opportunities. It promotes creativity, independent thinking and empowers pupils to become capable, caring and active contributors to the world in which they live. 

By nurturing the whole child through thought-provoking inquiry and experience, all pupils reach their creative, academic, physical and social potential. By providing a comprehensive and innovative approach to education we develop successful, curious, lifelong learners who are contributing members of our global community. 

We encourage children to take care of themselves, take care of each other and take care of the school.


Our core values are: 

  • Respect 
  • Tolerance 
  • Compassion 
  • Support 
  • Motivation 
  • Independence