The Grammar Junior School Embraces Culture

Our pupils participate in events such as: school plays, the choir, the orchestra and charity fundraising. They also participate in various cultural events, such as the Music Festival, The World Creative Writing Month and the Cultural Evening. Moreover, they participate in many sports events throughout the year such as: the “Gregoria” sports day, swimming galas, futsal, football and basketball tournaments. Children take part in various performances for National Celebrations, including October 1st, October 28th, March 25th and April 1st. 

Our School competes in the District Team and Field Sports ,in basketball games, football and futsal matches, the biathlon and in interschool swimming competitions. 

Pupils are given the opportunity to perform on stage either at Christmas or in the spring time. Moreover, our pupils attend professional children’s theatrical performances. 

The Grammar Junior School organizes educational trips to local factories and organisations and recreational trips within Cyprus.  Pupils visit archaeological sites and museums to become acquainted with the history and cultural heritage of Cyprus.  After their graduation, Class 6 pupils go on a trip abroad with their teachers.