All classrooms are pleasant and organized with great care to inspire, stimulate and create an interest in learning. There is an interactive whiteboard in every classroom and colourful cross curricular board displays.


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) lessons at the Grammar Junior School take place in the fully equipped Innovation Laboratory where pupils solve problems creatively and sharpen their critical thinking skills in an engaging way. Through scientific exploration pupils learn to formulate questions that can be tested and presented in the form of an engineering design challenge.

The interactive TV monitor, projector, tablets and laptops give pupils the opportunity to research and present their findings. They can also communicate the problem by writing on the colourful boards that cover the whole room and they can even write on the glass see-through doors. Learning then becomes interactive and students can receive feedback from their peers and teachers. 3-D models for their designs come to life with the 3-D printer. By using a variety of robots such as Pro-bots, blue-bots and bee-bots pupils become acquainted with motors and sensors. This allows pupils to develop their design, then test, evaluate and determine modifications for improvement. Each child has access to 3-D glasses and can participate in engaging lessons in English, Science and Mathematics.


The Computer Laboratory is fully equipped with laptops for every pupil, internet facilities and the latest technology  The software used enhances the curriculum taught and is updated frequently. 


The school library offers an exciting, lively and welcoming environment that helps create confident and enthusiastic readers. The quality of our school’s library helps enhance the general well-being of the pupils and their literacy levels. Rugs, cushions, round tables for doing projects, displays, easily accessible shelves and book trolleys, create a warm atmosphere that encourages a love for reading and learning.

Class teachers and the school librarian support pupils when they choose from a wide range of 9000 books and resources. The librarian uses a computerized library management system for pupils for issuing fiction and nonfiction books. Pupils are appointed as library helpers to keep the library tidy. During book week the librarian runs interactive activities with quizzes and competitions. Pupils are given regular times to visit the library with their class and are allowed time for browsing.



The music room is equipped with various musical instruments.  Children are encouraged to enjoy and express themselves through music. The school choir and orchestra participates in many events throughout the school year, including charity events, the school’s Christmas Bazaar, Fun Day, the Music Festival, school plays and national celebrations.


The Art room is a well-equipped, light- filled, spacious and visually engaging room in which children can explore, create and express themselves in the areas of painting, printing, drawing and collage.


The Grammar Junior School offers a wide range of outdoor sports and games. Facilities include courts for futsal, handball, volleyball, basketball and tennis, a football pitch, track and field grounds, a wall climbing frame.


Swimming lessons are part of the Physical Education curriculum and take place in the competition size, 25m x 13m heated pool.

The two smaller sized pools offer younger children entertaining games and exercise.


The Conference Hall which can accommodate up to 250 people is used for assemblies, discussions, seminars and exhibitions. It is fully equipped with a projector, screen, laptop, microphones and a sound system.